Tropical Snocones for markets & Events

All gourmet with natural syrup toppings

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Tropical Sno Cones, Hawaiian Shaved Ice

Our main product is Tropical Snocones, Hawaiian Shaved Ice.

Tropical Snow Snocones serves up to 27 natural flavours to choose from as well as a variety of delicious combinations.

For example when you order watermelon flavour topping, it will taste like eating nice cold refreshing watermelon; if you order pineapple, it will taste like eating nice juicy fresh pineapple and so on!

One of the things that makes Tropical Sno, so popular that its shaved Not crushed so its light, fluffy and it melts in your mouth

We had the privilege to do a wide variety of events including Major food festival, Schools fetes or spring fairs, Festivals, Markets, Fundraising, Birthday Parties, Weddings, Churches and Sporting Events.

We also cater to both large and small companies.

So if your looking for a luxury, a bit of self - indulgence, refreshing treat, Tropical Sno is the right choice!

We also serve other delicious foods

Perfect for Festivals, School Fetes, Birthdays, Weddings, Sporting Event!