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Our Hawaiian Shaved Ice Makes The Best Snow Cones

Our tasty Hawaiian Tropical Snow Cones are made of shaved ice, giving them a nice fluffy texture that melts in your mouth and absorbs the flavour rather than allowing it to sink to the bottom.

We pack them into 1 of 3 different-sized cups, Regular, Large or Jumbo and you get to choose any of the 14 true-to-life flavours OR pick from our fun Tropical Sno:Tails Menu!

Which Tropical Snowcone Flavours Are Your Favourite?

Blue LemonadeBlue RaspberryBubble GumCoconutColaCotton CandyGrapeLimeMangoPineapplePink LemonadeRed RaspberryStrawberryWatermelon

If you’re looking for catering options, get in contact with us for more information on how we can make your next event a screaming success!